Here you can browse the list of services currently offered by Chattanooga Gardener. If you are interested in working with us, or just have questions, please send us a message.

We’re currently offering services for Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Holistic Garden Design – (NOT currently available) There are a wide variety of benefits to taking a holistic approach, and it provides the gardener and the home owner a more complete view of how design decision and implementation decisions affect much more than just ourselves. *Currently 1.5-2 month wait to begin design phase – make sure to schedule in advance.

Concept Sketch – Concept sketches offer general themes and ideas to elevate your property, suggesting creative concepts like woodland plantings, wildflower meadows, and rain gardens. Suggestions are tailored to your needs and aesthetic preferences. We focus on the concepts and solutions outlined here.

Consultation – We will come to you for a site visit. This includes a walkthrough, initial site analysis, discussion, vision, and follow up email with recommendations and/or a proposal for work.

Garden Cleanup – We will remove weeds, vines, & invasive species. We can clean up and define bed lines, lawn areas, and areas around the base of trees. We offer limited shrub and small tree pruning. *We do not remove stands of poison ivy/oak/sumac.

Gardener for a Day – Not sure what you want or need help with a variety of small things? You can hire a gardener for a day or even a week to help with simple or complex tasks. Projects may include: planting, transplanting, pruning, mulching, weeding, etc.

Installations – Our primary focus is developing habitat gardens. We regularly work with residential clients on front, back, and side yard installation projects. The scope is quite variable depending on the needs of each client. Projects range from tidying up and enhancing existing planting beds to blank slate designs and full native garden installations. We’re happy to work with you on determining the scope and specific needs for your project.

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